Head of what?

In the past two years, we’ve been working hard on a complete remake of our WebAdmin framework. The 3.0 version is here, but that’s not the end. Customers are waiting for the versions 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and so on. We want to grant them a predictable development, consider their feedback and move further iteratively. But for that, we need a skilled product owner.

In almost 17 years of existence, there have been many skeletons piling in our closet. That’s when it comes to being a company that’s courageous enough to get rid of them. We’ve got that ambition. We’re preparing a new order; we’d like a translation management system, notification system, but also a backend system for a lot more customers. That’s why we need a project guy.

This role is thus a combination of product and project work. You’ll be the idea and management person. There’ll be a developer, designer, copywriter, and also analyst at your disposal.

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This is where we're aiming in limits

What will your week at work look like?

  • Monday:
    You're preparing a new performance campaign for Slovakia and Hungary. You plan your budget, canals, formats. You task the team with content creation, visuals, and start checking and optimising ongoing campaigns.
  • Tuesday:
    The project of a new order is going at full throttle, but the estimation of one part seems faulty. You're checking more details and putting together possible scenarios and planning a meting with the steering committee.
  • Wednesday:
    All tasks are submitted and being processed. You've got time to slowly prepare for the next project. You'r researching the possibilities of notification systems, translation management and advanced authentication. One of them will be it.
  • Thursday:
    Developers are handing you epic over. It is necessary to check it, whether it meets the specification or you need to return it for correction. If all is ok, planning the deploy is next, then communication within company and also with clients.
  • Friday:
    Today there's a stand up meet with your virtual team for the new order. Some things have worked out, some not. A deal about a change in processing is made, you record it and put into practice. With the designer, you're even trying to solve how to nicely avoid one newly-found technical limitation and the week is at its end.
Our ideal

We expect of you

  • You've actually "experienced" product management software (you casually call weeks 'sprints')
  • You've led a software project within months or you've been a part on a level of years
  • Even if you've not been a product guy or project guy, you must have the ambition to set a vision
  • You really aim to lead your virtual team not just go for submitting tasks to Jira
  • You're responsible and you can say "this is how it's going to be" and also humble– you can admit and say "you are right"
  • Where others see an obstacle, you see 4 solutions

Expect of us

  • Senior colleagues who will be happy to teach you stuff outside of your expertise
  • space for self-realisation = clear responsibility and trust
  • joining conferences around the world either as a participant or, we hope, also as a speaker
  • individual and group lessons of English and German
  • multi-sport card and massages in the office
  • real possibility to influence stuff and appreciated proactivity
  • turntable, breakfast, hackatons, Xbox, yoga, , ws events, BBQs
  • 6 vacation days extra, and freedom to work wherever and whenever (as long as you don't block the team) on top
  • roadshow around Slovakia , remote office in Barcelona instead of common teambuildings...
You'll grow

You got me, I'm in

First, you'll have a call with Veronika, our HR; we'll talk about your expectations from our cooperation. At the personal interview, we'll discuss your experience in detail and there'll be space for you to ask what interests you about the position. This way, we'll find out if we match. You'll meet us in this setup:
Luboš Lahký WebSupport Chief Revenue Officer
Filip Benčo WebSupport Head of development

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