ex-ppc? t-shaped performance?

We're in PPC for years, optimising, testing, spending, and earning. Now we'd like to step on it. In 3 years, we'll be in TOP3 in 3 countries. But that won't work without performance.
We're looking for somebody who'll take care of our Facebook and AdWords campaigns, or for somebody to tell us how to make it more efficient. The person can't fear taking responsibility.
But that's just a half of it. When you explore the depths with one brand, you'll extend the widths in performance marketing. We'll teach you working with Exponea and the whole conversion funnel will be under your thumb: A/B tests, e-mail marketing, automatisation, and all the campaign performance.

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Form of Employment
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This is where we're aiming in limits

What will your week at work look like?

  • Monday:
    You're preparing a new performance campaign for Slovakia and Hungary. You plan your budget, canals, formats. You task the team with content creation, visuals, and start checking and optimising ongoing campaigns.
  • Tuesday:
    After looking into the funnel of the latest product, you and the product manager came up with several hypothesis. You prepare a plan how to test them using Exponea step-by-step and start with a new A/B test. Šimon will show you how.
  • Wednesday:
    A big performance campaign is at its end and that's the time to evaluate it. Was it worth it? Can we automatise something in it? We'll make "lessons learned" and go on. Today, there's a regular consultation call with the agency. They're saying Facebook is preparing interesting updates.
  • Thursday:
    Colleagues deliver you texts and visuals, you can start preparing a new campaign: banners to networks, email scripts to Exponea, experimenting with Reddit, and we can go live.
  • Friday:
    It's the time to focus on the running campaigns. The new one on the SSL certificate is doing insanely well, let's agree on increasing the budget. You're trying to figure out how to re-market with a specific domain a client has been googling but it's not really easy.
Our ideal

We expect of you

  • long-term management of campaigns with a budget of over thousand euros per month and nobody's threatened you yet
  • you will click-off campaign in AdWords or Facebook even when we switch the framework to Cyrillic
  • when you're sick of transferring quality traffic to various funnels, you rather optimise it
  • do you finally want to find out if that Exponea can really do something or they're just a cat-loving sect
  • you're ok with delegating tasks but also with accepting it – in the spirit of "Task and let task"
  • you won't get scared by a 2-line translation of CTA in Hungarian and even by a designer with not coffee

Expect of us

  • senior colleagues who will be happy to teach you stuff beyond your PPC expertise
  • space for self-realisation = clear responsibility and trust
  • joining conferences around the world either as a participant or, we hope, also as a speaker
  • individual and group lessons of English and German
  • multisport card, massages, and workout in the office
  • real possibility to influence stuff and appreciated proactivity
  • turntable, breakfast, hackatons, Xbox, yoga, , ws events, BBQs
  • 6 vacation days extra, and freedom to work wherever and whenever (as long as you don't block the team) on top
  • roadshow around Slovakia , remote office in Barcelona instead of common teambuildings...
You'll grow

You got me, I'm in

First, you'll have a call with Veronika, our HR; we'll talk about your expectations from our cooperation. At the personal interview, we'll discuss your experience in detail and there'll be space for you to ask what interests you about the position. This way, we'll find out if we match. You'll meet us in this setup:
Šimon Šiplák WebSupport Head of Performance
Luboš Lahký WebSupport Chief Revenue Officer

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