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Would you like to put hundreds of "terabytes" in your hand, a few thousand computing cores and a network where 40GBit / s lines flow? Come with us to develop (not only) the Slovak online world. Working as 2nd line admin will deepen your knowledge of Linux, a large systems solution and system management system where more than 160,000 domains run.

I really like it and I would like to join
min 1000€/brutto or 5€/brutto per hour
Type of Employment
Part-time or possibly full-time, on-site
You will go to work with joy

How will you work day look like?

  • Your main focus will be solving technical issues of our customers with focus on operations, performance or availability of internet services
  • You will look for solutions mostly in our Linux systems, work with server and cloud services (OpenStack) and script (python, bash)
  • As developing IT talent, you will have responsibility for the quality of technical solutions, so you will have a great opportunity to learn from the more experienced ones. Here we do not really play hierarchical games and everyone will be happy to help you with anything
  • In addition, you will design and improve internal systems and processes. We give you freedom for your creative ideas (not only within your team). This is simply your chance to rocket-start your IT career

We expect of you

  • you have a knowledge of Linux operation system
  • you have an overview about protocols and services related to DNS, e-mail, WWW a FTP
  • Apache, MySQL and nginx sounds familiar to you
  • you have scripting skills in UNIX: bash / python
  • you like to solve technical problems and communicate about them
  • you are not afraid of experiments and you love to come up with new ideas

  • colleagues, that are top in their domain
  • we will teach you effective multitasking and you will expand your IT experience
  • massages, breakfast and fruit in the office
  • you can study languages (english, german)
  • you can educate yourself inside the company (we organise internal workshops)
  • you will sport (MultiSport card, workout system in the office)
  • you will have fun (rafting, hackathon, grill party, breakfast, christmas party)
  • you will enjoy out new offices
  • never ending team building for example by building a 3D printer, paintball or a beer
I go Up

I'm in!

Firstly you will have a call with Veronika, our HR, and you will talk about your expectations from our cooperation. On the personal interview we will discuss in detail your experience and you can ask what interests you about the position. In this way we will find out if we match together. You will meet us in this setup:
Adam Do?olomanský WebSupport
Adam DoČolomanský
2nd line administrator

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