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Head of Product

We are looking for a senior product leader who will drive our product department. You will lead and mentor a team of product owners, managers, and designers. You will collaborate with cross-functional project teams to deliver value to our customers and business. Furthermore, you will contribute to the business development of our product portfolio, while keeping customers at heart.

Your main responsibilities will be care, leadership, mentoring, and growth of your team of 3 people - each responsible for 1 platform.



Full time

Type of employment



What will you work on?

  • Our product portfolio is as wide as you may have noticed on our websites. You will be given the opportunity to lead, mentor, and challenge teams of Product managers responsible for our products and services.
  • Define and communicate the product vision, strategy, and roadmap that aligns with the company’s mission, goals, and values.
  • You’ll be helping to migrate clients from other markets and consolidate the product portfolio into 1 platform.
  • One of your priorities will be to help your team evaluate the effectiveness of products and contribute to shaping the future direction of our products and services.
  • You’ll effortlessly communicate with external companies, domain registrars, and other 3rd party partners and you will maintain relationships with our vendors.
  • With the tech leads you will drive quarterly planning and in retrospective evaluate goals & metrics delivery.
  • Every month you will participate in analyzing the previous month and discuss the results with our management.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as marketing, sales, customer success, and operations, to ensure alignment and coordination of product initiatives.
  • Do you keep a finger on the pulse of things? Great! Stay on top of the industry trends, competitive landscape, and customer needs, and identify new opportunities for growth/improvement but also new products or acquisition opportunities together with our Commercial Team.
  • Apart from the business aspect, being customer-oriented is key. You’ll be helping your team to work more and more with customer feedback and understanding customer behavior.
  • Every day, you’ll collaborate and communicate with colleagues from Slovakia and Czechia, but also Sweden, Hungary, Finland, and Serbia. How is your English?
  • Participate in internal steering committees for product and migration projects with other key stakeholders and help the teams achieve their goals
  • How’s it looking so far? Excited yet? We hope so!


What would your typical week look like?

  • Monday after your weekly check-in with IT leadership, you will spend some great time with your team members on regular 1on1s, where you will check plans for the rest of the week. As long as it is the beginning of the month, you will check what the numbers look like for last month and discuss with your colleague from finance what metrics you want to look at closer.
  • On Tuesday you are having a bi-weekly meeting about one of the important projects we are currently running – the integration of business email products into our portfolio. You have a lot of questions to understand the solution and progress we made in the last 2 weeks and also offer your help to tackle the most complex challenges.
  • Wednesday you are having a meeting with one of our B2B clients and also need to catch up with a backlog of emails from some vendors and partners. After lunch, you are having a planning meeting for next quarter with stakeholders from IT product marketing and others.
  • Thursday you need to have fewer meetings and discussions and you are having a closer look at billing and other financial metrics to provide some more info for finance and also check trends in our industry if there is any opportunity worth exploring.
  • Friday, except for a reporting meeting with your team you are also preparing for an upcoming presentation for management about 3 scenarios we are standing ahead of with full analysis and your suggestion on which one to go with.


What do we expect from you?

  • Experience with product management and leading mid-size teams (at least 4 years)
  • Excellent communication, presentation, and leadership skills. Ability to articulate the product vision and strategy to various audiences and stakeholders.
  • Exceptional analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Ability to use data and metrics to drive product decisions and measure outcomes.
  • The ability to identify the underlying issue and a solution-oriented mindset (finding the stumbling block and getting it out of the way)
  • Taking responsibility for whatever is necessary, i.e. analyses, documentation, reporting, testing, product management, creating business cases and tutorials #hustle 
  • Proactivity and drive that you can expect to see both in the rest of the Product team and the whole company
  • A level of English that will enable you to communicate daily, but also to build an argument and persuade your colleagues in a discussion
  • Your opinion, the ability to defend it, but also to receive constructive feedback (we’re not looking for sheep who just follow the herd)
  • Technical background and, ideally, experience with software and web development
  • Understanding and having experience within the hosting industry is a great plus
  • Still interested? You’re a step closer to an interesting job. Keep going!

What we offer for it

  • The support of an experienced team: colleagues who are happy to teach you anything you don’t feel comfortable in and help you develop your best self.
  • Confidence in your abilities: space for your own opinion and self-realization, trust and clear responsibility.
  • Opportunity to grow: opportunity to go to lectures and conferences around the world (whether as a participant or speaker), opportunity to study languages, internal training, workshops.
  • Space for yourself: flexible working hours and the possibility to use a home office are a matter of course, plus up to 6 days of vacation and a Multisport card for your sporty spirit.
  • Our culture: hackathons, barbecues, breakfast, Christmas party, the opportunity to work in the most beautiful offices (Office of the Year 2020) with refreshments, a terrace, massages or a workout system.

I would like to join

If you’d like to join us, send us your CV or anything else that would sell you well. We’ll let you know what’s next as soon as possible (in 7 days or less). We’ll then send you an assignment and agree on the process. If you pass it with flying colors, we’ll invite you for the first round of interviews, so that we can get to know each other better. If it’s a good fit, the second round of interviews will follow and you can expect to receive an offer.And bam! You’re ours.

Eva Hrabovská
HR Generalist
Eva Hrabovská
Tomáš Srnka
Chief Technology Officer
Tomáš Srnka
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