Shared hosting Technologies, version and parameters

Supported technologies

All essentials for your web

  • 100GB disk space for web & e-mails
  • Multihosting for 30 domains
  • PHP 7.x, PHP 5.6
  • MariaDB 10.3 & 10.1, MySQL 8 & 5.7, postgreSQL 9.0 databases
  • Automated installation of Let's Encrypt SSLs or any other
Service Management
  • Hosting management with in-house made WebAdmin app
  • Sub-admin accounts
  • Optional recurring payments (credit card/WebSupport credit)
  • Bulk discounts, affiliate and other cooperation options
  • Auto backup/restore for databases and FTP files (1x day / 14 days)
  • Virus & malicious software scanner
  • Folder passwords
  • Server logs
  • Changelog with easy settings restore
Performance & hosting settings
  • 25/ up to 35 (business hosting) PHP processes
  • memory_limit 256MB / up to 512MB (business hosting)
  • post_max_size & max_upload_filesize max. 96MB
  • PHP settings available in WebAdmin
  • DNS records management
  • Server performance stats (real-time, last 48h / 30 d)
  • Unlimited size & number of e-mail accounts (within the disk space limit of the actual plan)
  • Unlimited aliases and redirects
  • IMAPs, POP3s a SMTPs e-mail protocols
  • RoundCube Webmail
  • Up to 300 / 2000 (business hosting) sent e-mails per hour
  • Automated installation of SSL certificate
  • Optional installation of wildcard/EV SSL
  • Automated FTP/e-mail migration
  • Shell console & SSH access, WP-CLI
  • phpMyAdmin alebo Adminer for database management
Anything you want to know, but you are afraid to ask

The Hosting technical background

The service The Hosting runs on shared server architecture - just like all common hosting services. This means that hundreds of websites and applications run alongside on one Apache Web server. Shared, dedicated server performance is distributed according to the needs of webpages up to server's full load point. This rare cases can result in a slight slowdown of the page. On the other hand, server sharing brings you a great advantage in terms of very low cost of the service.

Any number of mailboxes is at your disposal with The Hosting service. It also applies here that you will benefit from a common shared infrastructure of mail and database servers.

The Hosting - nadpriemerná dostupnos?
Above-average availability

The website's data is stored at a central storage, not on separate web servers. This ensures high accessibility of the hosting service. Should a failure of one web server occur, requests from the Internet are automatically redirected to other web server that can process them immediately. Individual sites are obviously application-separated and do not provide each other access to data.

Pravidelne zálohovaný hosting
Regular back-up

We back-up all websites at secondary data centre. Back-ups of your files in the last hours, or even days are at your disposal any time. Just contact our helpdesk regarding recovery and they will return your hosting to its previous status.

Výkonný hosting pre široké použitie
Optimised for wide use

We mostly recommend The Hosting to private and small corporate websites. It is the most efficient form of Internet presence with adequate rate of accessibility and high security. Each The Hosting has limited maximum performance and it's just up to you how many websites you divide it to. If you need more performance for any website, treat it to the separated The Hosting or learn more about the VPS services.

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