WordPress fast,
and no hassle.
  • New .online domain for free
  • One-click WordPress install
  • Improved WordPress performance & security
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WordPress fast,
and no hassle.
New .online domain for free
One-click WordPress install
Improved WordPress performance & security
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the hosting for wordpress

You have other things to do than spending time installing, setting, backing up or optimizing web hosting for WordPress., Let us deal with the technical stuff, just care about what matters - the content.
WordPress on fast SSDs
We will store your web, databases and e-mails on ultra-fast SSDs to ensure everything runs as best as it can. It will save you some valuable loading seconds, and it will increase your chances when attracting new customers.
No need to install anything
It is something like a turnkey but without waiting. Complete the order, and you can use your WordPress fully in a short while. No installation, no troubles, no worries. Everything will be ready and waiting for you.
100% optimisation for swift running
There are over 21,000 WordPress sites running on our servers. It gives us idea what will please your WordPress. We have prepared special servers tuned to fit its taste.

Choose one of our offers

∞ number of databases
∞ number of e-mails
1 domain/redirect
15 GB common space
4.85 € / month
Order 4.85 € / month
∞ number of databases
∞ number of e-mails
1 domain/redirect
30 GB common space
7.56 € / month
Order 7.56 € / month
∞ number of databases
∞ number of e-mails
30 domains/redirects
50 GB common space
15.67 € / month
Order 15.67 € / month
The prices stated do not include VAT.
Advanced protection against online threats
We always install the latest version of WordPress on our hostings, and moreover, it has an automatic update feature. In addition, we packed each installation with useful tools to fight online fraudsters. Thus, your WordPress will always be updated and secure.
The handiest extensions included
Do not wade through thousands of extensions; the best ones are installed for you from the very start. Google Analytics, SEO optimizer, sharing for social networks, anti-spam protection and much more is waiting for you.
5 beautiful templates
Choose from 5 beautiful templates and make your website not just work well but also look great. We have preselected five gorgeous designs for you to save your time and effort.
Ready for growth
Is your website is growing? Congratulations! If The WordPress Hosting is not enough for you in half a year, we will be glad to find a more powerful solution and transfer it there for you.
Backup always ready
Backup is always handy. We do not provide just one! We run regular backups of your web and store them for 14 days. Recovering deleted files is just a few clicks away.
No false restrictions
Are you sick of limitations? Just as we are! Therefore, it is up to you how many mailboxes, databases or FTP accounts will your shared space use.

Speed test

126 ms
212 ms
223 ms
462 ms
574 ms
690 ms
761 ms
1070 ms
* average server response time per week. Measured by WebSupport with commercial service Pingdom, from its european servers. We used WordPress version offered by hosting provider with content from wptest.io. Read more.


Whether you want a simple blog or a website, WordPress is excellent for your activities. If you combine it with a reliable web hosting from us, you will get a great combo of endless possibilities.

It is great to have all your websites under one WebSupport roof. I know they all get the same excellent service.

Monika Zbínová, monicqa.sk MONIKA ZBÍNOVÁ, MONICQA.SK

We have other things to worry about than checking when hostings expire, and this product lifts that burden.

Matú? Valter, cocopinda.com MATÚŠ VALTER, COCOPINDA.COM

Simplicity, scalability, and flexibility - these are the attributes that we love about WebSupport.

Mirka Pastierová, bigname.sk MIRKA PASTIEROVÁ, BIGNAME.SK

Frequently asked questions about WordPress

What is WordPress?
WordPress is a free tool for web content management. It has become a global standard owing to its focus on simplicity and usability. Small blogs and even large websites with hundreds of pages use it.
Can I transfer my WordPress from other provider?
Of course and we will be very happy. You can even use our  Migration promotion get hosting with 50/100% discount in the first year.
What is the difference between The Hosting and the hosting for wordpress?
The Hosting is a basic webhosting product designed for one or more domains. the hosting for wordpress is its extension with automatic installation of WordPress and optimised servers. Both hostings belong to the shared hosting category and hence the performance and costs of one server are split between more customers. They both also apply the same principle of fairness, and they do not place any false limitations. This means that it is totally up to you how many mailboxes, databases, FTP accounts will your hosting use.
Is it possible to move from The Hosting to the hosting for wordpress?
Unfortunately not, even if your hosting could be moved to optimized servers, the big part of the hosting for wordpress is in our special installation of WordPress. Therefore for existing WordPress sites apply these six recommendations.
Is it possible to move from the hosting for wordpress to Biznis hosting?
Transfer a single domain the hosting for wordpress is easy. If you need to transfer one of the several domains hosted on The Hosting, the transfer is a bit more complicated, but our helpdesk will be happy to help you.
How does the hosting for wordpress differ from others?
Basics are just the same - the latest version of WordPress is available for free. The difference is in what we add and deliver to you. We have carefully preselected practical extensions and beautiful templates to save your time. The automatic installation complements the time savings. All you need to do is just order it.

We have not answered all your questions?

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1 SSL certificate in the value of 39,00 €

1 web analytics worth € 50.00

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