from 1,22 €
  • Running on fast SSD's
  • Advanced protection against threats
  • excellent support 7 days a week
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Product update: Automatic SSL activation

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from 1,22 €
Running on fast SSD's
Advanced protection against threats
excellent support 7 days a week
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Don't like limitations? Neither do we! That's why we've combined for you the best of our existing hosting and created a completely new The Hosting. It is just up to you how much space you choose and how many mailboxes, databases or websites will use it. Enjoy the freest and fairest approach to hosting.
You will run on fast SSDs
We will store your web, databases and e-mails on ultra-fast SSDs to ensure everything runs as best as it can. It will save you some valuable loading seconds, and it will increase your chances when attracting new customers.
advanced protection against threats
ESETs antivirus regularly makes sure your websites are secure. We have also developed our own tool to automatically check for possible hacks and it is at your disposal anytime.
excellent support 7 days a week
We are always trying to exceed our clients expectations and believe that we will also exceed yours.

Choose one of our offers

The hosting
For 1 website
From 1,01€ for 0,3 GB
1 domain/redirect
unlimited number of databases
unlimited number of e-mails
2.81 € / month
Money back guarantee without any hassle
The hosting
For more pages
Save up to 90%
100 GB common space
unlimited number of databases
unlimited number of e-mails
11.12 € / month
Money back guarantee without any hassle
Business hosting
For business
Extra speed & extra safety
100 GB common space
1 domain/10 redirects
unlimited number of databases
unlimited number of e-mails
See extra benefits
22.49 € / month
Money back guarantee without any hassle
The prices do not include VAT and are valid for 1 year orders.

Advanced options of web administration

Options that were previously available only to own virtual servers are now accessible to a standard hosting. Activate the Web console for your hosting in the WebAdmin of the domain.

Databases, e-mails, websites and also domains for one or more projects. All in one place.
It's up to you how many FTP accounts, mailboxes or databases will share your space.
Easy upgrade or downgrade on the fly.
our services help you grow
Is your site growing? Congratulations! If the service is no longer enough for you in half a year, we will be happy to find a more powerful solution for you and upgrade your account without any problems.
Backup is always ready
Backup is always handy. We do not provide just one! We run regular backups of your web and store them for 14 days. Recovering deleted files is just a few clicks away.
extra bonuses also for you
We care about our clients success - thats why we frequently introduce special discounts and bonuses


Join satisfied customers of The Hosting too. They include bloggers, freelancers or small companies with their presentation webpages. Frequent customers are also artists with their portfolios, various entrepreneurs with websites of their projects and many, many more. The Hosting is an excellent choice for any start-up page.

It’s great to have all your websites under WebSupport’s roof. I know it’s all well taken care of.

Monika Zbínová, monicqa.sk MONIKA ZBÍNOVÁ, MONICQA.SK

We have other worries than to check which hosting is going to expire, and this product relieves just that pain.

Matú? Valter, cocopinda.com MATÚŠ VALTER, COCOPINDA.COM

Simplicity, scalability and flexibility - these are the attributes we love about WebSupport.

Mirka Pastierová, bigname.sk MIRKA PASTIEROVÁ, BIGNAME.SK

frequent questions

Why should my next webhosting be The Hosting ?
We have combined the best of our existing hosting and thanks to the shared space, we can significantly reduce the cost per GB. The Hosting - the fairest solution that we can offer you.
What happens when I exceed the capacity of The Hosting?
There is nothing to worry about, we will notify you by email at reaching 90% of its capacity. If you also happen to exceed 100%, the service will not stop working immediately. We will give you the time to order further space or delete data over.
Is it possible to transfer from one hosting to another?
Transferring a single domain web hosting is easy. If you need to transfer one of the several domains the transfer is a bit more complicated, but our helpdesk will be happy to help you.
Are there any issues when changing hosting parametres?
Sure. Just make the desired change in the administration interface, the change will be reflected in a few minutes.
What is web hosting or hosting?
Simply put, web hosting means server space where all your website files needed for running your website are stored to ensure its expected functionality. A web hosting provider rents you space on his servers to provide you with an online presence.
How long does it take to create the The Hosting?
Ordering The Hosting will not take you more than 2 minutes together with card payment. The Hosting will be available immediately after completing your order, and you can then manage it in admin.websupport.sk
Can I try your services free of charge?
Personal experience is always better than a thousand words. Order one of our web hostings and test it for 14 days free of charge.

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business hosting
Do you have an importat business website? The Business Hosting is ready for you

1 SSL certificate in the value of 39,00 €

1 web analytics worth € 50.00

more power than with The Hosting

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the hosting for wordpress
WordPress fast, secure, simple and no hassle.

WordPress on fast SSDs

No need to install

100% optimisation for swift running

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