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Server management

Our life journey only begins with server installation. To make it work perfectly, you need to take care of it well. It can be quite a time and skills-wise demanding. We have been taking care of servers with love for over 10 years now. We’ll be happy to take over this responsibility from you.
Spare yourself needless worries
Resources for monitoring and interventions are not at everybody’s disposal. Our team of experienced admins can help in such case. We can manage dedicated servers, VPS, and the Private Cloud, too. A system upgrade, tuning and security assistance can be a part of outsourcing.
Get a valuable know-how
We’ve got many years of experience with administration of hundreds of dedicated and virtual server where were run thousands of production services. We follow latest trends and keep learning. We aren’t an army of admins, but we’re partners who like to help.
Rely on 24/7 monitoring
We monitor systems non-stop. We monitor all necessary system parameters by default, but we can also monitor specific applications. After detecting an incident, our experts intervene to fix the problem as soon as possible.
VPS, Dedicated server, Private cloud

Server management

System monitoring

Proactive supervising

Application installation and configuration

Performance tuning

Security updates

120,00 €  /month

The prices are listed excl. VAT. It covers one managed server for 2 hours monthly.
In case you’re interested in the Service with guaranteed response time, contact our Sales Department - .


We will help you with anything
Monitoring, proactive interventions, interventions on demand: performance tuning, security upgrades, installation of applications and configuration modification. Servers are second nature to us.
Years of experience included
We’ve got a real know-how in fields as digital marketing, media, news, entertainment, culture, education, financial institutions, insurance, e-commerce and more.
100% awareness
A professional application Service Desk will help you with submitting orders. We keep a Knowledge Base for every server. In addition, our Key Account Manager is always ready to help you.

Responsibility sharing

WebSupport management
Performance tuning
SW infrastructure
Operating system
* Websupport in cooperation with a customer    ** Or the Websupport Monitoring service


10 Gbps network
Custom price
More demanding clients will appreciate the possibility to connect their server setup with 10 Gbps network. It's a reliable solution for applications that communicate with each other across different servers actively and are a virtualisation necessity.
0,40 € / 1GB / month
You can never be cautious enough. That’s why we offer you the possibility to backup your data in a different data centre than where your server is physically placed. The backup runs in regular intervals between data centres over dedicated fiber optic cables.
Take benefit of our individual approach
No matter if you need a custom made solution or just need to clarify some uncertainties, we're here for you. Don't hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution to satisfy your needs.
Eva Latáková
Key Account Manager
We respond to your questions before you ask them

Most frequent questions on Management

Do I have a full root access to the server?
One server cannot have two masters. Only we have the root to the server. We’ll be happy to provide you access to most needed operations and commands using sudo
Which operating systems do you manage?
The most popular Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, and other. We can help you with Microsoft Windows and Hyper-V installation, but we don’t manage them on a monthly basis at the moment.
Which applications does the management regard?
Web, application and database servers, mail systems, virtualization and much more. We can help you with backup, recovery or data replication, load distribution, and high availability. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your request.
Is there also a possibility to manage servers offsite your infrastructure?
The service is primarily designed for virtual and dedicated servers in WebSupport’s infrastructure. Since we have an impact on the entire stack starting at a data centre, through the network connection and hardware, and possibly virtualisation too; and we can identify a problem faster and more precisely. We are open to offsite server management and your specific needs. Our Sales Department will be happy to assist you.
Can you help me with application modification?
The server management doesn’t include modification or tuning of the application code—a customer or his or her developer is responsible for it.
What if I need a different amount of interventions?
You get information on expected duration of every operation. In case the operations are more time demanding, you can purchase more hours. Get a better price with bulk-server management.

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Your server inclusion to system monitoring should be the first thing after its launch.

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E-mail alerts and history

For virtual and dedicated servers

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Private cloud
A unique server solution that combines OpenStack, Dell hardware, and our know-how.

Private cloud with no undue waiting

Hardware service, software monitoring

A modern OpenStack platform

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