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Simple redirection

Redirection will help you bring visitors from multiple domains to one particular. You choose whether this shift will be visible or hidden.

Masked redirection
- after entering server sends content of to the browser
- in the browser the user still sees the domain he has written by himself -
- must be placed on our servers
Unmasked redirection
- upon submitting of the address the server redirects the browser to
- a user will see the address where he was redirected -  does not need to be located in our servers

ATTENTION: Simple redirection does not allow you to use the e-mails of redirected domains entirely. It only allows their forwarding to a selected address. Forwarding to a particular subfolder is also not supported, thus using one hosting for several domains is not allowed. We created a product for these purposes The Hosting -it lets you have several domains under one hosting.

6,00 €/ YEAR
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The prices stated to not include VAT.

Advanced redirection = The Hosting

Are you interested in having more websites under one hosting or you just want to use e-mails for several domains? Our new product - The Hosting is all you need! You will get simple redirection, e-mails, databases, and web space even for more domains.

One solution even for more domains?

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The Hosting
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