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Every cent counts

We have been trying to support good projects for some years now. In the past 12 years, we have been successfully supporting non-profit projects with Freeweb. In 2016, we have decided to support the Slovensko.Digital civic organisation with the amount of 40 000 €. And even after 12 months, we can see that the project has great return on investment for all of us.

We often feel your strong support, especially when wrong things happen. That is also why we have decided to make supporting available for you too "pennies to the work". Just round up the amount when ordering and enjoy a bit of good feeling.
Support a project which brings results
Slovensko.Digital is a civic organisation that during its one year of existence, has succeeded in stopping meaningless IT projects worth 250 million Euro of state funds, simplified elections from abroad, and mobilised 1500 IT specialists.
Join a good crowd
Supporting Slovensko.Digital is 100% transparent. Join companies like O2, Martinus, Pixel Federation, WebSupport, Quality Unit, Viamo and others that support the project.
You will profit in the end too
Slovensko.Digital is a focused on increasing the quality of state digital services. Thanks to their activities, suggestions, and comments; there is a chance that informatisation resources will not end up in private accounts but will be used efficiently: In a way that stops you from serving authorities.

45971.7 €

How does it all work?


In your order, select round up in your cart.

Záložka ?udia

We will record your contribution upon payment

Every 1 € will be sent to the Slovensko.Digital account


And what is more, we will add one more to your 1 €

Messenger kód

Then just enjoy the good feeling and motivate others around you

How does it all work?

  1. In your order, select round up in your cart.
  2. We will record your contribution upon payment
  3. Every 1 € will be sent to the Slovensko.Digital account
  4. And what is more, we will add one more to your 1 €
  5. Then just enjoy the good feeling and motivate others around you

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Conditions and quarantees

  • participation at contribution and submission of the contribution as a part of the "digital pennies" is absolutely voluntary, submitting your contact details is the only condition
  • we guarantee that every cent you grant will be used to support the project


How can I help?
It is simple: just do not forget to click on rounding up the amount that suits you when you are ordering.
Will even 5 cents count?
Sure it will. Every penny counts, as the old saying goes: Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.
Will my be made public?
They will not be. The data will be recorded but not displayed or offered to third parties.
How do I know that the money will not end up on your account?
At first, the money end up on our account. However, we guarantee you that all the collected monetary funds will be granted to the non-profit organisation and we will make the contract public.
Why the and not healthcare?
We want to help especially in the area we are good at. Certainly, other sectors are just as important, we decided to support the community where we do our business - the IT community now.
One-time or recurring contribution?
Currently we allow one-time contribution at a new service order with the option to round up your total price. In the next step, we are also planning to implement a sponsorship contribution at extending of existing services directly in the Webadmin.
How is if from the accounting point?
The invoice itself will include the sponsorship contribution as a separate item that is, however, not tax-deductible. Your purchased services will be listed in separate items and you put them in your books as you normally do.
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