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why we help

The internet community helped us a lot in our beginnings. We now want to return the favour to those who need it the most. As a part of the Freeweb programme, we offer basic packages of our 3 commercial products. With them, you will get the same quality of service as our paying customers, technical support included.

what projects we support

We support honest nonprofit organisations or civic associations
We support perspective bloggers and talented journalists
We support artists, cultural events (concerts, theatre plays, festivals, etc.)
We support young online entrepreneurs at the start of their career
and hundreds more ...

What solution fits you?

Own Website
If you are experienced in creating a website, we've got a solution for you. Your Own Website is just a few clicks away with our app.
the hosting for wordpress
It is something like a turnkey project but there is no waiting time. No instaling, hassle-free. What's more, we have several beautiful templates ready for you in the package.
The Hosting
An optimum solution for the experienced. You will get our major hosting product in the same quality of service as our paying customers, including technical support.
.eu domain
Fill out the request form for the .eu domain and get it with a 50% discount.


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- we sponsor the web hosting; the domain fee is on you.
- you must comply with the standard conditions of the web hosting (e.g.: no sharing of illegal content, spam).
- we do not support complex e-shops or well established commercial projects
- you will place our banner on your website in return for the free hosting
- the sponsored service period is one year
- we do not support complex e-shops or well established commercial projects
- We reserve the right to reject the FreeWeb application
- we support only finished projects. No ideas on the paper.
Every sponsored website must contain our advertisement. Check our examples.
WebSupport in a book form

Do you want to know our story?

"In Slovakia, this book is unicorn - selling high a business book in a country where the word entrepreneur is taken as invective?" This is one of the many positive reviews of the book that reaped one success after another in any good bookshop.

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