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Would you like to take care of the largest infrastructure in Slovakia? Come with us to develop (not only) the Slovak online world. Working as IT System Administrator will deepen your knowledge of Linux, a large systems solutions and management of system where more than 160,000 domains run.

I really like it and I want to join
1700 - 2500€ brutto + 53€ for each night shift
Bratislava or Prague
Type of Employment
Full- time, on- site
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You will go happily to work

How will you week look like?

  • We work in three phases. The first one starts from 8am to 4pm when you are responsible for the safe operation of the systems and maintain supervision of the monitoring systems. If necessary, you will immediately hit and help the system to operate smoothly. Then, by yourself or with the help of other administrators, you will find the cause and resolve it. Internally, all incidents are recorded in JIRA tickets with blameless postmortem posts. The goal is to have trouble-free systems without the need for any intervention.
  • In the second phase you will come to work at 1pm and until 7pm your day looks similar to the first point. Subsequently, at 7pm you will be on the phone and in the case of critical problems you will deal with them from home. This mode will last all night until 8am. We have similar supervision over weekends and holidays. In these days, critical issues will need to be resolved from 8am to 8am on the second day.
  • In the third phase, you will have project days. These are days when you will not have supervision, but you will be doing activities to improve existing or private solutions for our large customers, engage actively in projects, educate yourself or other colleagues. During the project days, you can also take a look at the datacenter, or meet with partners to solve major projects.
  • We run systems on the vast majority of the Ubuntu LTS platform managed by the SaltStack config management. We will be happy to get to know you with all the technical solutions and solutions in the first few months. Our virtual servers run on the OpenStack platform. It's great if you've met it, if not, it's okay! We have a number of experts on the field, and we will share everything with you.
  • In particular, you will take care of:
    big web cluster we call IT1.3
    more than 200 servers, 400 CPUs, 3200 physical cores / 6400 logic cores, 30+ TB RAM, 400 TB RAW SSD disk capacity
    database cluster
    mail servers
    architecture for OpenStack and virtual servers
    custom tailor-made solutions for our customers

We expect of you

  • concepts such as hosting, web server, virtual server, storage are a matter of course for you
  • manage the LAMP configuration, reverse proxy, MySQL servers
  • you know what is RAID, LVM, what is the difference between RAID, backup and snapshot
  • a good theoretical basis for how the Linux OS works in depth, regardless of distribution and usage, or LFS, Gentoo, ArchLinux or * BSD
  • you are not afraid of experiments and problems, you like to learn from them and you will improve things
  • you have already configured a solution where the cluster is or at least you know what its advantages and disadvantages are
  • you like working with git, config management, bash
  • you drill in how the systems work and you like to see them under the roof

Expect of us

  • senior colleagues who will be happy to learn anything you do not feel comfortable about
  • discussing system solutions, designing large architectures, and implementing them themselves
  • opportunities to take part in lectures and conferences around the world, whether as a participant or as a lecturer
  • you can study languages (english, german)
  • you will be able to learn in-house (we organize in- house workshops)
  • you will sport (MultiSport card, workout system in the office)
  • you will have fun (rafting, hackathon, grill party, breakfast, christmas party)
  • 6 days of extra holidays and the opportunity of occasional home office
  • never ending team building for example by paintball, run, bike or a beer
I go Up

I'm in!

Firstly you will have a call with Veronika, our HR, and you will talk about your expectations from our cooperation. On the personal interview we will discuss in detail your experience and you can ask what interests you about the position. In this way we will find out if we match together. You will meet us in this setup:
Chief Technology Officer
Veronika Melicherová
HR Manager