Angular 6 or React 16?

In our team, you will not get bored. You'll take care of the front-end of all our systems looking TOP. Whether it's the development of new products in the latest JS Frameworks (decision will be up to you) or kicking out the visuals of those existing in the classic trilogy of JavaScript, CSS and HTML. We are looking for a man who does not tear himself up, pulls his sleeves and goes to work.

I really like it and I want to you join
min. 2000€/m brutto
Type of employment
Full time, on-site
You will go happily to work

How will you work day look like?

  • Before the early stand-up at 10am, you will have a coffee with your colleagues from devel team. Then you get what you're working on, what you're succeeding and what you need to help.
  • You will most collaborate with our graphic designer who will provide you with visual backgrounds.
  • Every day, you will be in contact with the project manager for a new project that will make our order forms a new outfit.
  • In the office you will be sitting with PHP developers who deal with the primary back-end of our systems. You will work with them to overwhelm existing visuals so they can work after back-end refactoring into new framework with use of Twig. On the other hand, you will still have to update some existing Less and JS files.

We expect of you

  • That you have already decimated your React, Angular or Vue.js and you are curious about what can surprise you
  • Using ES6 or Typescript is a matter of course for you
  • You are friend with CSS Preprocessing, such as SASS, LESS and asset building (WebPack, Gulp, Grunt)
  • You know how to use Asynchronous requests, AJAX
  • You are not afraid of concepts like Responsiveness or Cross-Browser compatibility
  • If you already have experience with this, then you are our fulfilled dream: Git, Testing (Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Jest), Docker, GraphQL, experience with different APIs, PHP

Expect of us

  • Opportunity to attend international devel conferences
  • 6 days of holiday on top
  • we will offer you mega services such as nice massages and breakfast right at the office
  • you will get to know many new friends and we will push your career path
  • you can study languages (english, german)
  • you will sport (MultiSport card, workout system in the office)
  • you will have fun (rafting, hackathon, grill party, breakfast, christmas party)
  • you will be able to learn in-house (we organize in- house workshops)
  • never ending team building for example by building a 3D printer, paintball or a beer
I go Up

I'm in!

Firstly you will have a call with Veronika, our HR, and you will talk about your expectations from our cooperation. On the personal interview we will discuss in detail your experience and you can ask what interests you about the position. In this way we will find out if we match together. You will meet us in this setup:
Marek Víger WebSupport Software Engineer
Filip Benčo WebSupport Head of Devel

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