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Customers have always been at the heart of our company. The way we care for them is of utmost importance. No other department receives as much attention as Customer Support (or simply “SUPPORT”, as we like to call it). We solve dozens of tricky cases a day (just like the legendary Sherlock Holmes) and our results are impressive, with customer feedback as high as 9.8 points out of 10.

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min. 2500€/m brutto
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You will go happily to work

How will you work day look like?

  • You come to work, pour yourself a cup of coffee, open up your computer and have a little chat with your colleagues about what’s new. Yes, our customer support team is made up of experienced agents, but they still need someone to create room for them. You’ve just found out that there has been a short service disruption. You contact our CTO without hesitation in order to inform the team about what happened and why.
  • As we’re constantly trying to innovate and improve our services for our customers, you’re getting ready for a new project kick-off. We’re planning to launch a new version of our WebAdmin, the place where all our services are administered. You will communicate the demands that have been prepared by the whole support team. We simply want our customers to be happy with us.
  • In the afternoons, all senior agents have project hours and devote their time to operative tasks, such as scheduling changes and prepping materials for salaries. Everything is running smoothly and you just provide them with support while they tackle increasingly challenging tasks.
  • Later on, you hop on a call with other support managers in Czechia and Hungary. You exchange experiences and try to find ways to benefit from your cooperation. It still feels new, as you have only been working together for a short time. We became a member of an international group no sooner than last year and we’re still growing.
  • Today is one of the longer days. In the evening, you’re hosting one of the regular monthly HelpDesk meetups. You talk through the good and the difficult and figure out what to do next. It’s a dynamic meeting, almost all 20 people showed up. They all want to contribute and it’s your job to make the meeting as useful as possible. This team needs someone who has SUPPORT in their DNA and who will strive to push it up another level – both locally and internationally. Sky is the limit!
  • Let's sum it up:

    – you’ll lead a team of 20 people

    – as a member of the Head team, a team of managers, you’ll contribute to the company’s long-term strategic planning

    – you’ll set up a budget for your team and make sure it’s implemented

    – you’ll coordinate projects that your team members contribute to

    – you’ll systematically support the growth and performance of your agents

    – you’ll maintain a “customer success” attitude

    – you’ll generously share experience and information with other teams

    – you’ll also publicly represent our company at lectures and workshops

We expect of you

  • at least 5 years of experience in customer support management in the field of IT – Ecommerce, Telco, Saas, ...
  • experience with coordinating a larger team (10+ people) and its change and performance management,
  • an unstoppable drive to seek opportunities to systematically streamline solutions,
  • several achievements in the field that you can proudly tell us about during our face to face,
  • excellent communication skills in English, so that you can easily communicate with our colleagues from Hungary, Sweden and Finland,
  • a willingness to go on the occasional business trip, mainly to Czechia and Hungary,
  • an ambition to assume responsibility for the strategic leadership of customer support in other countries within our group (This would be an advantage!)

Expect of us

  • every week inspirative presentations of experts on marketing, IT and business directly in our kitchen
  • of course hosting for free :)
  • benefits to make work more pleasant such as massages, fruits or breakfast right at the office
  • we will push your career development. You will education on internal workshops, external trainings as Learn2Code or conferences.
  • languages courses for beginners and advanced ones (english, german)
  • you will sport (MultiSport card, floorball matches, runs and hiking)
  • you will have fun (rafting, hackathon, grill party, christmas party)
  • beautiful new office
  • never ending team building for example by building a 3D printer, paintball, beer or a cake
I go Up

I'm in!

Firstly you will have a call with Veronika, our HR, and you will talk about your expectations from our cooperation. On the personal interview we will discuss in detail your experience and you can ask what interests you about the position. In this way we will find out if we match together. You will meet us in this setup: