This is WebSupport

Customers were always pride of our company. Care about them is crucial for us. No other department has so much attention as especially Customer Support (in our jargon simply "SUPPORT"). They solve daily tens of entangled cases - as famous Sherlock Holmes. Their results are stunning, they achieve 9,8 from 10 points of as customer feedback.

I really like it and I want to you join
min. 4.5 € /hr brutto + variable wage component
Type of employment
You will go happily to work

How will you work day look like?

  • Our colleagues know best about it. But in a nutshell, you come to work, have a coffee, turn on the computer and set up your desk. Our clients are working the whole day so the first phone call will not wait long. Underneath your thumb, you'll have all communication channels - phone, email, online chat.
  • Your main focus will be communication. As a future super professional, you will have responsibility for the quality of the answers, so you will have a great opportunity to learn from the more experienced ones. Here we do not really play hierarchical games and everyone will be happy to help you with anything.
  • You will learn everything around how the websites, mailboxes and hosting work for example: registration of websites, SSL certificates, debugging, analysis of error messages... this is simply your chance for a successful entry into the IT world.
  • You can become product specialist and work with other teams.
  • In addition, you will design and improve internal systems and processes. We give you total freedom for your creative ideas (not only within your team).

We expect of you

  • you are able to take responsibility for yourself
  • you have at least some experience in a similar area
  • you will be flexible within the various changes in the team (even in the evening and during weekends, when you can work from home)
  • you will have a proactive approach to solving tasks
  • you will have the desire to constantly learn
  • you are interested in IT area

Expect of us

  • we will pay you for your work adequately
  • we will teach you effective multitasking and you will expand your IT experience
  • we will offer you mega services such as nice massages and morning yoga right at the office
  • you will get to know many new friends and we will push your career path
  • you can study languages (english, german)
  • you will sport (MultiSport card)
  • you will have fun (rafting, hackathon, grill party, breakfast, christmas party)
  • you will be able to learn in-house (we organize in- house workshops)
  • never ending team building for example by building a 3D printer, paintball or a beer
I go Up

I'm in!

Firstly you will have a call with Veronika, our HR, and you will talk about your expectations from our cooperation. On the personal interview we will discuss in detail your experience and you can ask what interests you about the position. In this way we will find out if we match together. You will meet us in this setup:
Marek Valo WebSupport Head of Customer Support

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