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Aids for your business with a permanent 15% discount
Thanks to you can manage your invoices, expenses and entire economic itinerary simply and online. Discount code can only be used before the first purchase. Find the discount code in your WebAdmin.
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A €75 coupon for online advertising in Google AdWords
Would you like to use a coupon for €75 to advertise on Google AdWords and need an advice? Experts from Google will help you for free. You just have to call on 0800 500 972 (weekdays between 9am and 6pm). Once you enter the code and spend at least 25 euro in AdWords advertising network, the credit will be automatically charged to €75 euro by Google. See instructions how to use the code.
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50% credit for the Etarget advertising network
Promote your company exactly where your potential customers are. For WebSupport clients advertising in Etarget is an even a bigger bargain. If you register at Etarget through our WebAdmin, you will get 50% higher credit with the first order (up to €500).
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Nicereply with 30% discount
Are your customers satisfied? Nicereply gives your clients the possibility to evaluate the quality of your services. It is the feedback that will help you grow. Sign up using your WebSupport account, and you will get the discount automatically.
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Dognet with extra 20€
Dognet is an affiliate advertising network and a perfect tool for monetizing web media space. Start earning on your site and take advantage of the 20€ starter commission bonus. Please contact Dognet after the registration.
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Free private git repository for every WebSupport client
As WebSupport client you have access to GitLab system. You can manage there git repository (20 max.) for whole team, reporting bugs, wiki and etc.
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15% discount from IT Academy
Disgusted from school or work? Choose from a variety of courses IT Academy and become a skilled IT! For clients WebSupportu ready 15% discount on more than 1146 high-quality training.
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10% discount from Learn2Code
Register for one of the training courses from Learn2Code and take advantage of 10 % discount. More information how to use this bonus you can find after login.
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10% discount for ISIC ITIC and EURO<26 card holders
Use the 10% discount on a hosting or virtual server. Just submit the CKM SYTS code from your valid card in your billing profile when ordering one of the services. The discount will be applied in your next pre-invoice.
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Live Chat and Helpdesk with a 200€ Credit
Place chat on your site, connect company email addresses, Facebook pages, Twitter, phone, and respond to them from a single location — with LiveAgent. By activating it, you get all the features, the number of users is unlimited and with a credit of 200€ for free.
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Zoner Photo Studio Free for 90 Days and then with 33% Discount
Zoner Photo Studio is a popular photo editing and image management tool. Try the special 90 days extended trial period for free. If you are satisfied, order Zoner with a 33% discount for just 39 euros instead of 59 euros. Ordering Zoner is available upon expiration of the trial period.

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Kontentino with 15% discount
Kontentino is a social content calendar, that helps you to create, comment and share Facebook content with your colleagues and clients. Get your Kontentino with 15% off on annual subscription.
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25% discount on establishing a trade licence or LLC
Join the thousands of businesses in Slovakia and set up your business online easily and quickly via
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15% discount on payment gateway Besteron
Receive money from their customers quickly and cheaply. Besteron is a modern real-time payment system designed for making payments between online stores and customers. With one implementation you get card payment and up to 8 additional payment methods including VIAMO, Sporopay, Tatrapay.
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20% discount on Luigi's Box
You may be spending a lot of money to bring people to your website. But do you know what they do once they get there? Analyze the search behavior of your visitors and customize your products and content to their needs. Fix the errors in your search and increase conversions. As our client you have Luigi's Box at a 20% discount.
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10 € discount on high-level trainings from IT LEARNING SLOVAKIA
Switch to a higher gear and let your website and your business grow with new knowledge. Computer graphics, online marketing, website creation, WordPress trainings, Windows and Linux servers, computer networks, programming languages such as Java or C# - those are only part of training topics that IT LEARNING SLOVAKIA provides. Hundreds of open-training terms, repeating trainings for free, reputable certificates and the best trainers are waiting just for you!
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ManageWP with 20$ credit
ManageWP is a #1 tool for managing multiple WordPress sites. It allows you to monitor, manage, or update all your sites in one dashboard. Basic features are free, but as WebSupport's client, you will get a 20$ credit to try the premium add-ons.
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REAGO - 33% discount for the first year
A solution that will replace four employees at a much lower cost. Be online whenever your customers require it and answer them as quickly as they deserve - in just one minute. 365 days a year - from 8:00 to 22:00 hours, including holidays and weekends. Having a chat window on your site increases your conversion rate by 33%, but can you respond in a single minute, even on holidays or weekends?
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15% discount on certified courses of the VITA Academy
More than 200 certified courses are waiting for you. Become an expert in IT, marketing and management! Everything simply and online from the comfort of your home.
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10% discount on WooCommerce payment gateways
Webikon, WordPress specialists, offer a 10% discount on their WooCommerce plugins for payments, invoicing, discounts, or VAT, available on the website.
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50 EUR credit for CloudTalk Virtual Phone System
CloudTalk is a smart virtual call system for sales and customer support teams. Get 50EUR call credit with this special Websupport deal.
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Become a digital marketing expert with a 10% discount
Digital University is a halfannual weekend study of online marketing terminated in a recognized certificate. Study personally in Bratislava or online from the comfort of your home. There are 16 full-day lectures, 8 video courses, a real project with a mentor and 9 marketing specializations waiting for you, which will be guaranteed to help you with doing your business.
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Make your business easier with Trovi, now with permanent 15% discount
Trovi serves companies and entrepreneurs as invoicing tool, Project & Time tracker for projects administration (appreciated by freelancers) but the biggest added value are integrated business services such as Accounting and Payroll, Legal, Tax advisory and more. Get verified and quality accountant or lawyer, who is online when you need him. Trovi takes responsibility for provided services and possible errors. Discount 15% applies to prepaid plans for new customers and does not apply to business services.
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Trademark from Trama with 20% discount
Your brand is one of the most valuable assets of your company, so it is extremely important to protect it well. Trama makes the trademark registration process simple, convenient, and affordable for everyone. We will verify the registrability of your brand for free, and get you an extra 20% discount on our services when you decide to register your trademark with us!
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15% off on Autoform – automatically fill in company information
Autoform by Slovensko.Digital allows you to automatically fill in contact and billing information about companies and licensed freelancers on your website. A user simply enters the name of a legal entity or a company registration number and the rest is filled in automatically. It’s fast, accurate and always up to date. Use the discount code to get a discounted price.
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Easy access to your state-issued mailbox without a registration fee
Gain easy access to your state-issued electronic mailbox. No reader or electronic ID necessary. Sign up for the GovBox service by Slovensko.Digital and all the messages from your official electronic mailbox at will be forwarded directly to your email address.
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