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We are already operating in 4 countries

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We are the biggest hosting in the Slovak market and we are growing gradually in Austria, The Czech Republic and Hungary. 

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143 555
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WebSupport team

Michal Truban WebSupport Founder & Co-Owner
Pavel Stano WebSupport
Pavel Stano
Tomáš Klempai WebSupport Chief Operation Officer
?ahký ?uboš WebSupport Chief Marketing Officer
Tomáš Srnka WebSupport Chief Technology Officer
Marek Víger WebSupport Software Engineer
Lenka Drobná WebSupport Social Media Care / Customer Support
Filip Ben?o WebSupport
Filip Benčo
Head of Devel
Peter Hanzlík WebSupport
Peter Hanzlík
2nd line admin
Michal Zuber WebSupport PHP Developer
Dušan Kušnír WebSupport
Dušan Kušnír
Customer Support
František Volár WebSupport
František Volár
Head of Server products
Adam PoldaufWebSupport
Adam Poldauf
Michal Šuba WebSupport
Michal Šuba
?ubomír Brindza WebSupport
Ľubomír Brindza
Michael Kubovi? WebSupport Software Engineer
Radoslav Galko WebSupport
Radoslav Galko
Customer Support & Product lead
Peter Slovák WebSupport
Peter Slovák
Software and Infrastructure Architect
Ján Brechtl Brechtl WebSupport
Jan Brechtl
Eva Latáková WebSupport Key Account Manager
Šimon Šiplák WebSupport Head of Performance
Július Molnár WebSupport
Július Molnár
Richard ?ermák WebSupport Head of Brand
Adam Do?olomanský WebSupport
Adam Dočolomanský
Matej Torok WebSupport Customer Support
Andrej Virdzek WebSupport Customer Support
Jakub Chut?ák WebSupport Customer Support & Product lead
Tadeáš Broniš WebSupport
Tadeáš Broniš
Erik Laco WebSupport Admin
Martin Šilhavík WebSupport Customer Support
Tomáš Tatarko WebSupport Head of Internal tools
Peter Poša WebSupport Graphic desinger
František Arendá? WebSupport Customer Support
Karol Vörös WebSupport Product & Marketing
František Veselý WebSupport Customer Support
Andrej Neme?ek WebSupport
Andrej Nemeček
2nd line admin
Katarína Mitašová WebSupport
Katarína Mitašová
Office Manager
Michal ?ech WebSupport
PHP Developer
Mirka Alenová WebSupport
Mirka Alenová
Customer Support
Veronika Kone?ná WebSupport
Veronika Konečná
Customer Support
Tomáš Salák WebSupport Customer Support
Marek Valo WebSupport Head of Customer Support
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