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Virtual server

We are frank with this. Our VPS are not the cheapest on the market but their quality is the best. We would also buy them for ourselves. The solution is built on modern technologies and it fits demanding projects for which options of shared hosting do not suffice (e-shops, portals, or applications with high traffic). Transfer your data to our cloud yet today and save on your own infrastructure.
Bet on speed and performance
If we are especially proud of something, than it is multiple performance of the SSD storage Nexenta. You will see and feel the speed. Features of increased availability and redundancy are a commonplace. You will not find traditional rotating disks with us for sure.
Rely on high availability
We move our services availability to the maximum. Our VPS offer premium functionality of high-availability (HA). It means that in case of issues, the VPS is migrated on the fly to a different server in the data centre.
Be your own boss
All VPS parameters are freely adjustable to suit your needs. You can change them any time as your site or application grows. You are not bound by any package or step changes. You can change the number of processors, the size of memory, or drives.

choose one of our packages

Operating system

Or you will choose your own configuration

2.00 / month
19.08 / month
9.54 / month
10.00 / month


21.54 / month

Operating system licence

/ month

System parameters monitoring in Webadmin. More about monitoring »

24/7 system and application monitoring with an e-mail notification. More about monitoring »

/ month
In the price
System management

Customer admins operating system and applications alone. More about system administration »

Advanced monitoring + proactive intervention in case of issues + 2 hours of admin works. Customer does not have root access to the server. More about System administration »

 / month
Server manager

In the 1. step, you have chosen the OS or its version with the Server manager– clear web LAMP environment admin, where you willset up hosting, databases, mail server, or FTP. You will configure the applications alone.

Server manager

In the 1. step, you have chosen the OS or its version with the Server manager – clear web LAMP environment admin, where you will set up hosting, databases, mail server, or FTP.

5,00 € / month

Customer backs up data alone.

Backup all your virtual server regardless of used data once a day (1x in 24 hours), usually during night hours

/ month

Making the image of the whole system with the step back option. It does not supplement backup.

Making the image of the whole system with the step back option. It does not supplement backup.

Making the image of the whole system with the step back option. It does not supplement backup.

Making the image of the whole system with the step back option. It does not supplement backup.

Making the image of the whole system with the step back option. It does not supplement backup.

/ month
Server name
Great, the name is free

21.54 / month

Prices include 10% discount for 12-month financing and without VAT. The special price of RAM is already with a 50% discount for new VPS and there is a limited time until capacity is exhausted.
Virtual server is fully managed by customer. Operation system Windows (price 23,40 € / monthly) for VPS is activated after its payment.


FREE snapshots
Time travel is a real thing! Before making substantial changes, it is always practical to be sure you can make a step back. You can easily save your VPS current snapshot to avoid unnecessary issues in the future.
Online in 60 seconds
After selection of operating system and required CPU, RAM, and disk space; the VPS will be automatically set up and made available after payments. We have the same philosophy with parameter change as well.
7-day trial
Personal experience is always the best. Try out the virtual server (to parameters V4) for 7 days without any fees or limitations. With maximum performance, indeed. We guarantee you will not want anything else anymore.
Anticipate and save
If you believe in your project, start saving at the beginning. We will be happy to support you in that and offer you even better price. Just order a virtual server for one year and save up to 10% of the total price.
World-famous OpenStack
We belong to the pioneers in the use of OpenStack in Slovakia. The largest technology companies in the world participate in this open-source project. Get the transparency and flexibility of the platform that is independent of a specific producer or supplier.
Clear Webadmin
VPS parameter change, snapshot making, server start/stop/restart, access to a console – all of this using a web browser. Apart from that, WebAdmin also offers basic virtual server monitoring that you can anytime extend to advanced.
Wide range of systems
You will find the most popular Linux distributions in their current versions with us. We are constantly trying to extend and bring new images with ready-made applications such as LAMP ((Linux, Apache, MySQL a PHP) stack. You can also choose Microsoft Windows as an operating system which is covered with a necessary licence.
Data in Slovakia
Virtual servers infrastructure is located in a data centre in Bratislava which meets the Tier III. class criteria. Of course, there is a redundant Internet connection by two independent providers, redundant power supply, diesel generators, and increased features of fire, flood, or physical security. Backups are stored in a secondary data centre, in the other side of the city, over a dedicated optical connection.
Entreprise hardware
As with other parts of infrastructure, we rely on quality and support of the Dell company with virtual servers. Their servers, storage and networking features prove their quality, we use them to run tens of thousands of services.


Individual price
By installing a server its life journey just begins. To make it work perfectly, you need to care about it well. This could be quite time and knowledge demanding. We take care of servers with love for over 10 years. We will be happy to take the responsibility for it for you.
19,00 € / Month
Using e-mail, we will immediately inform you about any incidents related to your server operation. We monitor all system parameters necessary for operation, such as response to specific ports, disk space, CPU load, or the amount of free memory. However, solving arising incidents is not fully in your hands. Of course, any hardware failure is on our shoulders.
0,40 € / GB / month
We can never be careful enough and that is why we offer you a possibility to backup data to another data centre than the one where the server is physically located. The backup runs in regular intervals on our dedicated optical lines between data centres.

REST API for developers

As with most of our services, we offer API (short for Application Programming Interface). The same applies with virtal servers too. Using the API, you can get VPS information,restart, find out what is the current network traffic or processor load, and you can also run VNC console etc.All the information will definitely please every developer who needs to automise some processes or integrate this information to applications.

Why a virtual server from us?

WebSupport VPS
tech support for everybody
support in Slovak
data in SR
SSDs for everybody
option to extend support with OS and application administration
one-time interventions or admin assistance
High availability HA – live migration to a different server in case of issues
Snapshots included in the VPS price
Change parameters/type of instance
Microsoft Windows as a operating system
1 discussion board 2 for surcharge 3 only for selected types and rootfs must be on EBS volume

Most frequent questions regarding virtual servers

What is the VPS?
VPS is a short for virtual private server. It is a software-defined server with its own operating system and qualities of a physically dedicated server. You decide what you install on it (what software, applications, and settings) and how you use its system resources. They are partially split among several customers.
What are the advantages of a virtual server?
A Virtual Server lets you run applications that you can’t store on your shared hosting, either because of special configuration, tool installation, or library. At the same time, it offers better performance for more demanding websites and those with higher traffic. The Virtual Server is available immediately and you can change its parameters any time. No waiting for a technician needed. One of the VPS advantages is that we care about the virtualisation platform.
Is it possible to change the VPS parameters even during the prepaid period?
Yes – you can change the virtual server parameters conveniently any time in your Webadmin. Changes reflex immediately after payment for the price changes. Now you can only upgrade the VPS parameters.
What happens when the 7-day trial period ends?
Virtual server turns itself off after expiration of the 7-days trial period. Virtual server data will be deleted 7 days after its shutdown. If you pay for it during these 14 days, the server will be re-enabled with its data too.
How can I admin my virtual server?
Webadmin directly offers the possibility to admin the VPS lifecycle – you can restart it, log in to it, or keep track of what is happening in the server via basic integrated monitoring.
Have I got a full root/admin access to the server?
Yes, we do not limit access to the virtual server in any way – it will definitely please every advanced user who likes to have everything under control.
What if I would like to get the virtual sever but I cannot set it up myself?
That is no problem. Every server administration requires plenty of technical knowledge. With the Server Administration service, we provide you full assistance with its administration in a given time period. Click here to find out more about the service.
What if I need higher performance than the virtual server can offer?
Server parameters can be individually configured to relatively high levels of dedicated servers. If the performance or capacity was no longer sufficient and the application or web presentation allows it, it is possible to scale horizontally – that means dividing it into a number of virtual servers. There is an alternative to split the most demanding parts into our enterprise dedicated servers. Just contact us at
What does a premium high availability functionality mean?
High availability (abbreviated as HA) is the system characteristic that tries to maximise the operational performance level – it is often the highest possible system availability in a given time period. In practice it means that we put in maximum effort to make your VPS failure-free as much as possible in production – using live migration, enterprise storage, and fully redundant network with no SPOF (single point of failure). Of course, application configuration of the virtual server itself, so that it provides the best possible response and stability, is yet in your hands.
How do snapshots work?
We recommend making snapshots only with turned off VPS. Otherwise, system damage or a loss of data stored there may occur. The price of VPS includes one snapshot, you can order more in WebAdmin. All snapshots will be automatically deleted 28 days upon their creation.
I am interested in running a higher number of virtual servers
In case you need to run tens or hundreds of VPS, even with specific parameters, definitely try our Virtual Private Cloud – we will be happy to show you its advantages.
Is a public IP address a part of the VPS, or the IPv6 address?
Every VPS has one public IPv4 and IPv6 address that is included in its price.


Dedicated server
Do you need a reliable dedicated server for your application?

High-end Dell hardware

Proactive hardware monitoring

Extra redundancy included in the price

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Virtual Data Centre
It doesn’t matter if it’s about tens or hundreds of virtual servers

Excellent performance for your business

Resources right where you need them

No pointless waiting

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