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Virtual data centre

It doesn’t matter if it’s about tens or hundreds of virtual servers. The Virtual Data Centre (VDC) combines in itself an open OpenStack platform, branded hardware background, highly accessible infrastructure, experiences, and great management. Get tempted by a unique "enterprise" solution for running powerful virtual servers. All just as you need it.
Custom infrastructure
Forget complicated traditional data centre. You can allocate the resources of the virtual data centre among virtual servers as you need. Get the new platform for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) that offers computing power, network, and storage.
high Performance
Even virtual stuff needs a quality background. More so, if services that matter to you run on it. Enterprise servers with Xeon processors, 40Gbps networking and performance of a progressive Nexeta SSD storage definitely meet that.
Simple and modern management
No long and complicated shell commands. Creating or adjusting parameters of virtual servers is just a few clicks away. The same applies for network configuration and setting up a firewall. Get easy-to-orient, intuitive, and fast web interface for your work.

Choose from one of our configurations

Or choose your own configuration

11.88 / month
153.90 / month
40.50 / month
Public IP
18.00 / month

Data network storage

0.00 / month

224.28 / month
VDC name
Great, the name is free

A customer is responsible for monitoring alone.More about monitoring »

24/7 system and application monitoring with an e-mail notification. More about monitoring »

System management

Customer admins operating system and applications alone. More about system administration »

Advanced monitoring + proactive intervention in case of issues +2 hours of admin works More about system administration »


Customer backs up data alone.

Backup all your virtual server regardless of used data once a day (1x in 24 hours), usually during night hours


Centralized SSD network storage with connection possible to several servers.

Centralized SSD network storage with connection possible to several servers.

/ month

224.28 / month

The listed prices are with a 10% discount for payments for 12 months, excl. VAT. The VDC and also virtual servers are fully in a customer’s management.
SSD disks are for operating system and data. The Storage is a network storage (NFS SSD) that is possible to connect to multiple Linux servers form WebSuport.


Online in a few minutes
Immediately after parameter selection, your private cloud will be automatically set up and made accessible. Subsequently, you can create virtual servers and assign separate sources to it.
maximum flexibility
Adjust virtual data centre parameters any time you need in a simple and quick way. All of that using an intuitive and clear WebAdmin.
Foresee and save
We can also satisfy you with a better and bargain price. Just order the product for more months and save substantial costs. A larger amount of virtual is more economical than a separate VPS.
Floating IP
Efficient and reliable. Our data centre has its own network subnet and servers communicate between each other in an internal network. You assign a public IP only to those that really neeed it.
Smart snapshots
Store the latest image of your virtual server to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future. With snapshots, you can clone your server for further scaling of your services. It’s never been that easy.
Proprietary operating system
Do you use special customized linux distributions? No problem, just prepare a repository with proprietary disk images. As for the operating system, you can also choose Microsoft Windows that we can cover with a licence.
Transparent cloud
The dashboard offers a view of used sources. You can use the free ones for, for example, a testing environment, and in case of a need, move them to production. Unlimited root/admin access is fully in your power.
Guaranteed performance
There’s no need to worry if you don’t share your ordered resources to separate virtual servers. Rest assured that they are all reserved just for you and waiting for you to use them.
High availability as a standard
The Virtual Data Centre has the high-availability (HA) feature in. That means that in case of an issue, virtual server will be migrated running to a different server in the data centre.


Custom price
Server path just starts with its installation. To make it run perfectly, you need to take a good care of it. That can by time and expertise demanding. We have taken care of servers with love for over 10 years. We’ll be happy to take this responsibility from you.
Custom price
We monitor all system parameters necessary for server running as response in specific ports, disk space, processor load, or amount of free memory. We will immediately notify you via email regarding incidents related to running of your server. However, dealing with possible incidents is fully in your responsibility, except hardware failure that we will take care of. The monitoring is available for servers with a Floating Ip (public IP address).
Custom price
You can never be careful enough. We offer you a possibility to backup data in a different data centre that the one it’s located in. The backup runs in regular intervals along our dedicated optical lines between data centres. The backup is available for servers with a Floating IP (public IP address).

For whom is the VDC a good fit?

Virtual Data Centre fits all organisations with a more extensive IT infrastructure, or 3-4 existing servers. Get the idea of how much of your resources do you really use and expected growth and you immediately know what cloud parameters you need.
VDC scales both vertically and horizontally. That’s why it’s all up to you what infrastructure design you prefer. You can add CPU, operating memory, and disk capacity to existing virtual servers. It’s popular with, for example, campaigns, where web applications usually get more overloaded. Or by adding another server by, for example, configuration management or cloning of application or database virtuals.
Building such private cloud on your own requires considerable financial and time investment, not to mention technical knowledge. Save and leave it on us. We consider saving time to deploy a cloud from months to minutes a significant competitive advantage. No tedious configuration, testing, and studying the field.
Open stack

Virtual server architecture design example in the Virtual Data Centre

Comparison of the VPS vs VDC

Virtual Private Server
  • One virtual server

  • Possibility to change server parameters

  • 1x public IP

  • 1x free snapshot, more for a charge

  • ready operating systems (popular Linux distributions and also Windows Server)

Virtual Data Centre
  • a larger amount of virtual servers

  • possibility to change parameters of separate servers and splitting between them

  • intranet, possibility to add a public address (floating IP) only to specific servers

  • unlimited number of snapshots, creating a virtual server from a snapshot (cloning)

  • proprietary images of operating systems

Rest API for developers

Even Virtual Data Centre allows access using API (short for: Application Programming Interface), just like with our other services. In this case, it’s the API of OpenStack itself that allows integration with applications and third party tools. Such access will definitely make every developer, who needs to automise some processes and integrate our cloud to applications, happy.

OpenStack is the leader and we’re the pioneers

OpenStack is a free and open software platform for cloud computing. OpenStack is the leading open-source project that the largest tech companies in the world cooperate on. The platform’s open code secures its transparency and flexibility that is independent of specific producers and suppliers.
The Rackspace company and NASA have always been behind the development of OpenStack. We, in WebSupport, belong to one of the pioneers of using OpenStack in Slovakia. We run a substantial part of our services there and we’ll be happy to use our experiences with your projects, too.
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No matter if you need a custom made solution or just need to clarify some uncertainties, we're here for you. Don't hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution to satisfy your needs.
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Frequently asked questions about virtual data center

What is the VDC?
The Virtual Data Centre (or also, Virtual Private Cloud) is an efficient solution to how to run a large number of virtual servers (VPS). You can share system resources allocated to VDC among virtual servers as you need them.
Is it possible to change the VDC parameters even during the prepaid period?
Yes, you can change the parameters of Virtual Data Centre any time yourself in your WebAdmin. The changes will apply after payment of the outstanding amount. In case all system resources aren’t used, the change is also possible downwards. The VDC service is invoices in monthly period, or for 6 or 12 months with a 5 or 10% discount.
How can I manage my VDC?
Administration takes place in a portal, all you need is a modern internet browser. Previous experience with OpenStack is fine, but not necessary. If needed, we can provide all support to the cloud environment, and the customer only has access to virtual servers. Just contact us at
What if I’m interested in virtual servers in the VDC but I can’t set them up myself?
That’s no problem. Administration of every server requires a lot of technical knowledge. With the Server Management service, we offer you a full assistance in its management in a given time span. If you’d like to learn more about the service, click here.
I’m interested in running 1-2 VPS, is the VDC a good fit for me?
If you aren’t planning any substantial changes in the near future, we suggest you choose from our offer of virtual private servers that offer a wide scale of custom configuration.
I’d like to move my existing VPS to VDC, could you help me with that?
We’ll definitely do our best, just contact us at
Do I have a full root/administrator access to VDC?
Yes, you get a full access to your cloud environment that we don’t limit - if you desire no management from WebSupport. The full access will definitely make every advanced user, who likes to have all under control, happy
How are resources shared among virtual servers in the VDC?
Resources are shared just to a specific server, so there are no conflicts.
What are the limits of the service?
At the moment, it’s 1024 GB of operating memory, 200 vCPU, 4000 GB of disk space on SSD and 20 public IP addresses.
Do you also offer operating systems from the Microsoft company?
Yes, it’s possible to license Windows and other software using Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) to the VDC. You don’t need to own the software, but you can rent it for a monthly fee, for more information, contact us at
What does high service availability mean?
High availability (short: HA) is a system characteristic that tries to maximise the level of performing power - most commonly the highest system availability in a given time period. In practice, it means that we put the highest effort in to keep your virtual servers blackout-free in the longest possible production - thanks to live migration, enterprise storage, and fully redundant network without SPOF (Single Point of Failure). Of course, configuring running applications on the virtual server itself to offer the best response and stability is all yet in your hands.
Do you also offer IPv6 addresses to the VDC?
Yes, on request.

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