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The Storage

It is not another virtual disk for a PC for documents or backup. The Storage is an answer to how to do demanding projects that need a reliable data storage connected to multiple dedicated but also virtual servers.
Fast and large storage
The whole storage architecture is built on Solid State Drive (SSD). We look ahead so you can do business easily. You will not find traditional "rotating disks" here for sure.
High availability
The data is replicated asynchronically 1:1 to an identical disk array that is located in a different data centre on the other side of the city. If needed, it immediately switches to this storage.
Disk capacity is freely customisable just as you need it. You can top it up any time as your website or application grows. You can also scale down.

price list

Storage Name
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The prices listed are with a 10% discount for a 12-month payment and excl. VAT.
The Storage is a network storage (NFS SSD) that is possible to connect to multiple servers form WebSuport.

BENEFITS for you

you will be online immediately
After a simple capacity selection, your Storage will be setup and accessible in a few seconds. Then just choose the servers that you want it to be connected to and you can start uploading your data.
Versatile use
Connect the Storage to several serves and you can immediately use the benefits of distributed storage for your files, databases, applications, and services.. You can top up the capacity of VPS, VDC, but also of the dedicated server.
For more demanding
The Storage is a solution completely designed for more demanding clients (e-shops, portals, or applications with high traffic) who rely on our premium VPS, VDC, and dedicated servers.
We know that having proprietary "on-premise" servers as a data storage is demanding for reliable data replication, service, and also the high availability and performance guarantee. Moreover, enterprise RAIDs are affordable for many.
Enterprise Hardware
As with other parts of infrastructure, with the Storage, we rely on quality and support of the Dell company. The proof of their quality is that we run tens of thousands of services on their servers, storages, and network features.
Data in Slovakia
The Storage platform is placed in a data centre in Bratislava, it meets Tier III. criteria. It is an adequate part of our infrastructure with no third party access.


Virtual server
Our premium VPS are built on modern technologies and are appropriate for demanding projects for which shared hosting possibilities are no longer enough (e-shops, portals, or applications with high traffic).
Virtual data centre
A unique cloud platform for running powerful virtual servers meeting your current needs with the emphasis on their high availability. The VDC is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering computing power, network, and storage.
Dedicated server
Non-shared dedicated server represents the best solution the current market offers. The latest technologies guarantee maximum performance and direct control for your projects or applications. We use them ourselves for running tens of thousands of services.


Design of the connection architecture for dedicated servers to the Storage that provides content for a web service represented by an HTTP load balancer.
We respond to your questions before you ask them

Frequently asked questions about the Storage

What is the Storage?
The Storage is an online disk storage connected to one or more servers. That way, it is possible to extend, for example, the VPS capacity even to several terabytes. When connecting to multiple servers, you can be sure that applications see the same data. This is a prerequisite for cluster solutions and load distribution (horizontal scaling).
Is it possible to change the Storage parameters also during the prepaid period?
Yes - you can customise the Storage parameters anytime conveniently in Webadmin. Scaling up will reflect instantly upon payment of the price difference. If free capacity allows it, scaling down is also possible. The VDC service is invoiced in monthly periods.
To what products I can connect the Storage?
The Storage service is available for all server products from WebSupport, meaning the virtual servers (VPS), the dedicated servers, and also the Virtual Data Centre (VDC).
How can I change the Storage capacity?
Right in Webadmin, there is an option to customise the capacity to your needs. It is a live change, so it will reflect instantly.
Is it possible to connect the Storage to a server outside WebSupport’s infrastructure?
It is impossible due to service design, security, and maintaining its quality.
What operating system is needed for connecting to the Storage?
You can connect the Storage to standard Linux distributions that have the NFS client in them. Considering implementation limitations on the Windows operating system side, we do not recommend it for it.
For what data is the Storage intended?
We do not limit the specific use and recommend to use it the most efficiently especially if it is connected to multiple servers. In that case, it is not appropriate to use it, for example, for caching files, but deal with it directly on the server in a faster memory (for example, RAM).
In what way is the Storage connected to my server?
Using Network File System (NFS) - a filing system, where the communication between a server and a client runs along a network.
What is the difference between Backup, Snapshot, and the Storage service?
Backups on the file for VPS and dedicated server level are located in a different data centre and serve for data\/file recovery. The snapshot is the whole VPS disk image and it allows restoring to exactly the status it was created in. It does not serve as a backup since it is placed in the same storage as the production VPS. The Storage is a disk array dedicated for data storing.
What does the service high availability mean?
The High Availability (short: HA) is a system feature that tries to maximise running performance level - most often, the highest system availability in a given time period. In real, it means that we put in the biggest effort to make your data available the longest - thank to asynchronous replication, possibility to switch to other storage and fully redundant network with no SPOF (Single Point of Failure). Of course, configuring of the running applications on the servers themselves that the Storage is connected to, so that they offer the best response and stability, is all in your hands.

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