If your project has grown beyond standard shared hosting, you are at the right place. Let us offer you a complex portfolio of modern cloud and dedicated products to best match your needs.




From Professionals to professionals

Premium products and services

A solution for everybody

Building a quality business requires a solid background. Every server product in our offer addresses this aspect, which is why we give our experienced programmers and administrators all they need. We are here for everybody else with our extensive experience.

your own boss

Utilise the option to independently and transparently configure our products. You can rely on high availability, enterprise hardware, and 24/7 monitoring. Make the architecture suit your needs and use it to the maximum. If you need anything, we are here for you.

Our experience

We have been aiming for quality solutions for over 10 years and have always accepted challenges from our clients. We can also help you identify your needs and recommend the ideal strategy for your business, scalability needs & availability. Your investment will be cost-efficient for your organisation.



Whether you need computing power, data storage, or system administration. All products are available to you just a few clicks away. Using them allows you to run your applications quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Virtual server

the fastest way to the cloud
Demands for use
  • Fast SSD for better performance
  • High availability
  • Parameters as you need

Virtual data centre

private cloud, your future
Demands for use
  • IaaS for hundreds of VPS
  • Maximum flexibility
  • No limitations

Dedicated server

Exclusive and maximal performance
Demands for use
  • No worries with hardware
  • Wide utilisation options
  • Great price / performance ratio


Reliable data storage
  • Entreprise SSD
  • Data available in any case
  • Flexible capacity

Server administration

Server in the best hands
  • Proactive incident solutions
  • Your corporate administrator
  • 24/7 system monitoring


Server under a microscope in real time
  • Complete overview over web
  • Email notifications
  • Suitable for every server


Monitoring na 6 mesiacov zdarma

Ku každému novému dedikovanému serveru teraz dostanete službu Monitoring v hodnote 19 € mesačne zdarma až na pol roka. Majte informácie o dostupnosti kritických služieb a sledovaných metrikách.


Referral segments

Over 1000 active customers from different areas are already using our server solutions. It proves our ability to meet their individual operational needs. See for yourself that your business will best thrive with us.


You are at the right place if you wish to stop worrying about server downtimes, negative impacts on running your business, and losing your customers' trust. You will have high availability and the option to increase performance parameters during increased traffic there for you.

Server administration

Digital marketing

We have a flexible cloud environment (VDC) that can cope with demanding digital campaigns. You can relocate resources where there is currently a need for them. Horizontal scaling and load distribution are simpler with central storage.

Server administration

Financial institutions

A secure private cloud environment with an internal network, dedicated hardware resources for you, and storage with access management. All of it placed in a digital centre that meets the strictest security criteria.

Dedicated server
Server administration

Media and news service

Reduce costs of running the environment and keep the option "to step on the gas " in case of a special occasion and increased intermittent traffic. Fast local and foreign connectivity is commonplace.

Server administration


Fast multimedia storage will bring you a definite competitive advantage. Along with the fast connection is that you do not need to deal with anything. You'll have everything delivered into your hands.

Dedicated server
Server administration

Culture and education

Say goodbye to placing videos, photographs, and educational videos into slow foreign services. You can connect fast and backed up storage for hundreds of gigabytes of data even to the smallest virtual server.

Server administration

Free e-book

13 hints for your server

  • Handy tips and tried and tested "first" steps
    after server installation
  • Across the board tips for dedicated
    and virtual servers
  • Updates, monitoring, backup,
    security and much other information

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Why WebSupport?

Unrivalled Support

There are three levels of technical support available to you. Starting with a team that provides basic information, through one team providing 24/7 monitoring over infrastructure, to experienced administrators.

online in a blink

No calling around, chatting and waiting for service activation. We have real cloud products for production employment that you can have at any time and immediately. See for yourself.

We have nothing to hide

We do not hide anything from you and we are absolutely transparent. Technical information is always fully available to you and the financial costs are kept completely clear.

In human language

We are not a company hidden in the virtual world. We enjoy meeting our clients in person and looking for custom solutions together. Every request deserves our time and space; it gives us the ability to comply with your demands and needs.

Modern technologies

We continually engage in innovating our infrastructure, knowledge, and products; to constantly offer you the best experience, availability, and price. Your satisfaction is important to us and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

For developers

We offer API for most of our services; it allows you to automate several tasks or integrate our services into your environment. Experienced developers will surely appreciate this option.

Take advantage of our individual approach.

Whether you need a custom solution or just to make sure in case of doubt, we are here for you. Do not hesitate to contact us and together, we will definitely find a way to satisfy your needs.

Eva Latáková
Key Account Manager



We use the VPS on WebSupport's new infrastructure and we are very satisfied with the speed and especially the support. It has never been an issue to solve anything, even an unusual requirement.

Ján Suchal

We use several virtual servers in WebSupport. Their expertise, excellent customer support and willingness to solve specific needs have continually persuaded us about the quality of services in WebSupport every day since the year 2005.

Andrej Panák

I have cooperated with WebSupport for over 10 years. I am very satisfied with the responsiveness and quality of the team that administrates and runs servers. I can't fail to recommend them.

Miroslav Šmida

We have had excellent experiences with servers from WebSupport and we are very satisfied with them. They are high quality, fast, and reliable. We have more powerful and even cheaper hardware from WebSupport than from their competition.

Peter Morávek
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