Your server under a magnifying glass
in real-time

A detailed overview of key indicators
E-mail alerts and detailed history
Ideal for virtual and dedicated servers
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Server inclusion to system monitoring should be the first thing after its launch. Current value overview, history, and e-mail notifications will help you during operation of your server in the future.
More crucial information
External monitoring provides information about the availability of critical services and monitored metrics as drive load, RAID status, use of operating memory, CPU load, and many other. So not only whether the web server works, but also what's going on on it.
Make sure you get the latest data
Data is collected in real-time and sent in 60-second intervals—you can immediately see how the changes in your application or configuration reflect. It will give you an invaluable tool in determining what was happening with the server over time, and also how were system resources used.
Get an outside view
Due to a reduction of value monitoring distortion or monitoring failures, the monitoring runs outside our infrastructure—all its components are placed with another provider. This ensures the maximum objectivity of measured results.
VPS, Windows and dedicated server




Online dashboard

E-mail notification

CPU load

Drive load

Operating memory load

RAID status

Information on MySQL / MariaDB and other

19,00 €  /month

The listed price is excl. VAT. It refers to one monitored server, respectively Zabbix Agent.
Please contact our Sales Department if you’re interested in custom monitoring configuration - .


Professional platform Zabbix
The Zabbix software we use is an enterprise software designed for collecting millions of server and network device real-time metrics. An extensive community stands behind it since it's an open-source project.
Hundreds of servers proven
We monitor a status of hardware components and server availability for each customer dedicated server. We use the same tool as we offer as a part of monitoring for it.
Not internal but external monitoring
From the professional point of view, monitoring shouldn’t be installed on the same server. Since nothing would notify you in a case of its failure. Moreover, the data would be skewed because the monitoring consumes resources.
Better once see than read a 100 times

Samples of monitoring

Drive capacity load
Processor load
Number of MySQL queries
Outgoing traffic


10 Gbps network
Custom price
More demanding clients will appreciate the possibility to connect their server setup with 10 Gbps network. It's a reliable solution for applications that communicate with each other across different servers actively and are a virtualisation necessity.
0,40 € / GB / month
You can never be cautious enough. That’s why we offer you the possibility to backup your data in a different data centre than where your server is physically placed. The backup runs in regular intervals between data centres over dedicated fiber optic cables.
Take benefit of our individual approach
No matter if you need a custom made solution or just need to clarify some uncertainties, we're here for you. Don't hesitate to contact us and we will find a solution to satisfy your needs.
MIchal Tupý
Key Account Manager
We respond to your questions before you ask them

The most frequent questions regarding monitoring

What is necessary for getting the monitoring to work?
It’s an open enterprise platform Zabbix; it has become very popular due to its complexity and scalability. It is built on client - server communication. The clients’ part runs on our server and collect information at regular intervals; the server part runs in our data centre, and it draws up of data into graphs, or it sends notifications according to set up triggers.
How does Monitoring differ from services like Kingdom or Uprime Robot?
The listed services primarily measure web availability and response time, respectively TTFB (Time To First Byte) and thus are designed for HTTP and HTTPs protocols. WebSupport Monitoring is a system monitoring which can monitor web services availability, response time, or search for a given text on the web.
Who gets the notifications?
E-mail notifications are directed to the customer-defined e-mail address. Webadmin offers the option to modify it.
Which operating systems can be monitored?
All that allow Zabbix agent installation in the version 2.x, so most Linux distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and the like. It also supports Microsoft Windows systems.
What is necessary for getting the monitoring to work?
It needs Zabbix agent installed and configured on the dedicated server, and communication between a firewall and our server must be enabled. An experienced admin can manage to configure it in a few steps, or we will be happy to help you with the setup.
The metric we need to monitor is missing
Zabbix is a highly flexible monitoring tool and it’s easily scalable, don’t hesitate to contact as with your specific needs, we will try to the maximum for you.

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