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From Central Europe to The Moon and Beyond

Why countries and companies in Central Europe should care about space exploration? What could and should be done to kickstart massive space exploration? How we could all participate?

Let’s explore these topics with our special guest, Dr. Tibor Pacher, Founder & CEO of Puli Space Technologies Ltd., a space technology company based in Budapest, Hungary.

Tibor, trained as a PhD physicist (Budapest, Heidelberg), has a 10-years academic career, a solid background in management and financial accounting consultancy (15+ years), and conducted many projects in 18 countries on 4 continents. He participated in ESA’s Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) mission (ISOPHOT instrument), and created „MiniSpaceWorld – Moon“, a model railroad style installation in the Futura Science Center in his home town in Hungary.
Since the foundation of Team Puli in 2010 to participate in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, he is working relentlessly on Hungary’s first lunar mission. His personal goals tied to New Space and Moon Village are to inspire people all over the world to look at the Moon differently and to show that everyone can participate in cutting-edge engineering and science.

The moderator of the discussion is Adam Gala, one of the organizators & founders of a Slovak space industry conference Vytah Conf.

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